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I love this app! It’s not hard whatsoever to work. It’s 7 minute workouts for beginners. $5 a week isn’t anything when you think about what you waste $5 on daily.
I enjoyed my first workout and the content on food cravings as it came at the best time I needed it.
I’ve always dreaded working out.. I really appreciate that these exercises start right at my level. Thank you so much!!
I love this! the fact that you can choose your own trainer & have 24/7 access if you require help. Great App
Ade Nike
Great support from trainers.. they respond to my messages and the app keeps me on track… the exercises are really great for me and it is just enough!!
Just started and am loving it! Really gives me a pull to do exercise. The exercise is not crazy hard get u feeling energized afterwards! Thanks!
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